Get a Closeup Look at Our Labeling Process

While the quality of your cheese product will help retain your customers, your label is what attains them. An attractive label on your product will help it stand out from competitors and create an image that consumers will remember. At Barron County Cheese, we rely on state of the art automatic labeling equipment to label […]

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Four Reasons to Naturally Smoke Cheese

These days, too many cheese products take a shortcut around quality, but as any savvy consumer knows, there’s no substitute for the real thing. If you’re considering introducing a smoked cheese product to your line, read on for a few reasons to choose a natural smoked process over artificial flavorings. Naturally Smoked Cheeses Have True […]

Throughout the history of cheese, people have used different kinds of packaging to store the nutritious food and keep it safe from contamination. While the need for packaging hasn’t changed, the materials used have. Keep reading to learn more about the long history of cheese packaging. Early Beginnings The history of cheese began, interestingly enough, […]