Securing Your Product With the Finest Imported Waxes

Before the emergence of plastics, waxing was the primary method to secure and preserve cheese products. Today, securing your cheese with wax is a great way to enhance its eye appeal and is especially beneficial for premium aged cheese products. Read on to learn how Barron County Cheese’s waxing services can enhance the look and quality of your cheese product.

How Cheese Waxing Works

Cheese waxing is an age-old process that has changed little over time. At Barron County Cheese, we utilize a double boiler to melt the finest imported German waxes, dipping cheese one side at a time. We apply two thin coats of wax, ensuring that all air pockets are filled and that your cheese product is completely secure.

The Benefits of Cheese Waxing

While plastics are the predominant form of packaging these days, waxing carries a host of benefits. By waxing your cheese product, you can:

  • Allow hard cheeses like cheddar to naturally age.
  • Preserve moisture in hard and soft cheeses.
  • Avoid mold growth and enhance shelf life.
  • Have a unique package that stands out

More beneficial still is the message a waxed cheese product conveys. Consumers associate waxed cheese with old-world traditions and quality, giving your quality cheese product a natural price premium over the competition.

Where to Wax Your Product

While the benefits of waxing are many, the process is painstakingly difficult. Few producers and distributors have the time or resources to take full advantage of a true waxed cheese product.  At Barron County Cheese, we take the hassle out of cheese waxing. We are able to wax thousands of pounds of cheese product every day, taking both small batches and high volume orders.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of cheese waxing, contact Barron County Cheese.  From our Barron, Wisconsin facility, we take orders from cheese producers and distributors throughout North America. Call 715-637-0400 to find out more.